kelley ogburn

Born and raised in Mobile, AL, Kelley has always had a passion for creating. She graduated cum laude from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. After several years of working as an agency art director, she chose to pursue her career as a fine artist. Kelley moved her workspace to St. Joan of Arc studios, a collaborative space for emerging and established artists. Here she was able to paint and show her work while maintaining a successful freelance design career. With the birth of her children in 2011 and 2012, she ceased working as an artist all together, focusing solely on her new role as a mother. Support from her family combined with demand for her work prompted Kelley to begin her career again in 2014.

Kelley now lives in Fairhope, AL with her husband, Paterson, and children, Alice and Alex. She works out of her home studio, layering acrylic paint with drawing and drafting mediums. The contour line, the application of paint, the techniques by which art is created all inspire and motivate Kelley in her work. Through experimentation, Kelley’s work contains a range of styles and subjects, focusing mainly on the beauty of the mark on the page. The subject simply invites the viewer to enjoy and explore the elements of her paintings. 

available artwork by: kelley ogburn