Today, I am living and working in Mobile, AL where I was born and grew up. I love the area especially for the access to the bay, the rivers and the gulf. In 2007, I graduated college from The University of Mississippi where I attained a BFA in painting. I moved directly to Mobile after school where I had begun to established myself as a working artist. I began painting full-time in a private studio and teaching art lessons on the side. In 2009, I married my husband, Robert, and in 2011 we had our daughter, Lelia. I stopped teaching lessons when I wanted to put all of my efforts into my paintings. In June 2012, I moved into a home studio which has allowed me to spend more time with Lelia and more time on my work. These days, I am painting more than ever and finding myself more enthusiastic about the future of my career.

Available Artwork by: Sarah Otts