Karen lea sandifer

“My journey as an artist began with a love for drawing in my elementary school days, and continued with studying Studio Art and Art History at the University of Alabama, and Commercial Art at the University of South Alabama. A passion for painting people led to a 35 year career in watercolor portraiture, with commissions throughout the southeast, as well as Colorado, New York, and Washington D.C.

My art education continued with classes from nationally known artists Daniel Greene, Henry Casselli, and Don Andrews, as well as local artists Bea Tucker, Missy Patrick, Susan Downing White, and Benita McNider. Armed with knowledge from recent classes, and a lot of experimenting, my art began to take on a new direction.

Since 2013, oils have mostly replaced watercolors in my studio, and large landscapes have replaced portraits. I am passionate about painting beautiful cloud filled skies and sunsets, always striving to capture the atmospheric effect and ethereal quality that draws me to a scene.


Available Artwork by Karen Lea sandifer: