Braden Grafe


Originally from Mobile, AL, my love for art started in high school. With my parents encouragement I went on to pursue that dream with a B.A. in art history from Southern Methodist University and a M.Ed. with a concentration in art from The University of South Alabama. I simply love art.

I am inspired daily by God’s beautiful creation that is just outside my window; the way the light catches in the trees and trickles down to the ground, the change in the marsh from season to season with its brilliant greens in the summer and oranges in the fall, and the way the tides change the shoreline and creeks.  As a painter of impressionistic landscapes there is a never ending supply of content.

I paint in oils while often preferring a palette knife to a brush. The beauty of a palette knife is that it takes this girl who is the oldest of 5 children and also has 5 children (you may say I have a tendency to be controlling) and subjects me to the whim of the knife. I can mix 2 or 3 paints together and scoop it up on my palette knife expecting to see one outcome and I often get something surprisingly different and beautiful. I am well aware that I can never come close to replicating the beauty of God’s colors but it is so much fun to try!

available artwork by braden grafe