ardith goodwin

When one considers the life of a creative and maker, they must consider the journey that Ardith Goodwin has walked. Despite years of challenging medical issues, Ardith took her love of imagination, writing, and a drive as an auto-didact to teach herself how to paint, how to manipulate a marking tool, and how to move a line with color and passion. Being raised in the Deep South impacted her creativity a great deal and she taps into that source through her paintings and writings. Her vivid imagination combined with her love of figures has evolved into a body of work wrapped around a magical world: The Land of Ardithian. 

As an artist, Ardith is a natural mark maker. Her connection to Asemic Writing and movement of line is a signature trait throughout all of her styles. Mark making is fundamental to her creative practice and she captivates the viewer with her expression of dynamic, fluid linework mixed with a bit of oddity and strangeness.  As the line moves, color gives spacial structure for the marks to flow, through facial expression, through the juicy tidbits of geometric planes, through layers of glazes, and the impact is a delightful composition of the unexpected.

Ardith combines her love of writing and educating with a self-taught passion for art and has been a professional artist for the past 15years. Despite facing life changing orthopedic challenges, Ardith holds true to her faith and the belief that no matter what challenge life throws her way, nothing will quench her spirit to continue creating, sharing, and inspiring. With joyful determination, she shares her love of art with children and adults through local and online classes and actively promotes the lifestyle of moving through life as a creative and maker.  

Ardith is also currently one of the art specialists at St. Paul's Episcopal School in Mobile, Al, teaching students 3rd - 8th grade.


Ardith’s Insight

“I truly believe that I am blessed with being an ordinary person living an extraordinary life. Yes, there have been huge challenges, but there has never been one that my faith and belief in my artistic spirit, along with the support of family and friends, couldn't be met with head on. Life will be hard, it will place obstacles in our lives that seem devastating and life altering. My belief, in fact my knowing, is that in every person we hold the key to look within, believe our truths, embrace our gifts, and rise above any circumstance. Being a creative maker is a state of mind, being optimistic is as well, and the two are a powerful combination in turning anyone’s life from ordinary to extraordinary.”

My paintings and writings are my way of taking that courageous spirit, mixing it in with an insane love of marking making, color, and oddness, and creating works of art that inspire others to see the world as intrinsically beautiful no matter their place or station in life. My hope is that through my marks and my practice, my work will resonate with the viewer so that they sense a connection the way of life in the south, its geographical influence, and the myriad of colors and marks that make being a southern artist magical. 

available artwork by: ardith goodwin